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KE Mobile



1. Using integrated solutions in Online Trading Platform: Syncronize account information and asset on the application of KE Trade (Web based) and KE Mobile (Native Application)

2. Using Native Application technology on Apple iOS devices: Advantages of speed, stability, can be used offline mode when loss of Internet connection (different from Mobile Web Application)

3. Single-Sign-On technology: Enhance security, warning devices or other users logging into the account,  sync with KE Trade.

4. User Experience Oriented: Understanding habits and behavior of Apple product users to have comfortable layout design and tight, easy to use.


KE Mobile is a shortened version of KE Trade, KE Mobile still has the utility features for trading anytime, anywhere with the slogan "The market in your hands".

1. Watch list and Quote Favourite: Monitoring status, stock information, customers can customize the list of favorite stocks.

2. Market Overview: Market status is updated continuously and accurately.

3. Place orders: Trading simply, fast and accurate by keyboard support, support multiple customers only one time login and also with trading margin account (Multiple Accounts)

4. Orders status with multiple channels: Monitoring orders status from other channels (KE Trade, Dealer)

5. Balance: List of shares and money in Assets management.

6. Cash Advance (to be developed).

        7. Cash Transfer (to be developed).

*** Please download KE Mobile VN at App Store.

      *** Please contact online support for instructions on installation and use advice.



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